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about company

GD-TEAM Limited is a young, fast developing company which has successfully demonstrated itself on the Russian game-building market. Its main activity areas include creation, localization and development of games as well as development and promotion of web-based game projects. Our company is a creative team of professionals. Each of them is a real expert in their activity field. The team consists of highly experienced artists, designers, programmers, marketing specialists and editors who are equally united by one and the same goal – development of online-projects, creation of fascinating game worlds full of magic, challenge, conundrums and adventures.

In addition to new game-creating activities, the company actively develops and supports previously completed projects which have deserved love of thousands of players all over the world. It is pleasant to realize that our efforts bring content and delight not only to ourselves but also finds positive feedback among huge gaming community, stirs interest in people who favor good games.

GD-TEAM Limited takes active part in various contests and campaigns dedicated to development of computer games. The company’s projects take leading positions at mentioned events on a regular basis and this fact demonstrates high excellence of its employees.



A new MMORPG PvP-based project facilitates development of large-scale conflicts on a global world map. Discrete role in PvP is assigned to the so called “Heroes” that lead the armies of the players to the battle.

Metal War Online is a new client session MMO-game in a Sci-Fi setting. The MWO world will tell you about the nearest future events in a way it is seen by the developers.

Gobbits Defence — is a stunning and engrossing free-to-play mobile game in 'City Defence' genre. Protect your city from invasion by building up defense towers, installing crafty traps and employing cunning tactics.


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