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GD-Team Company is looking for a leading designer into the mobile games development department

Experience in game field is a plus. It is absolutely obligatory that a successful candidate is able to coordinate work of both in-house and freelance designers. One more necessary condition is to be familiar with 3D and be able to create new interfaces.

We are in search for an expert who is able to work in an enclosed illustration style.

System administrator


Absence of any internet connection problems at any time of the day; Experience in working as a system administrator (not less than 3 years); Experience in working with the majority of technologies which we are used in the company:

openvz / gentoo / debian, puppet / zabbix / rsync, nginx / haproxy, apache / php / mysql / memcached, iptables / ipset, In-depth knowledge of bash, In-depth knowledge of one of languages listed (ruby, python, php etc); Main communication tool used – Skype

Game designer of the browser MMO project


Experience in browser games development; Work experience (1 year minimum) at a position of a game-designer, a leading game-designer; A history of completed projects; Good Math background.

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Oct 7, 2013 Technomagic have bigger screen now
One of the best GD-Team’s projects is constantly getting graphics upgrades from developers. Recently the players of Technomagic gained a possibility to regulate the size of a main game screen. This was highly appreciated by the community.


Sep 11, 2013 Technomagic In The Top Five
One of the most popular Russian sites about videogames, Gameguru, issued an article on five most interesting games using Match 3 mechanics. Technomagic is listed along with the famous Bejeweled, Puzzle Quest and Treasure Of Montezuma, and referred as rare, if not only, MMORPG with Match 3 battle engine.


Dec 13, 2012 The news of Technomagic
The time’s changing and we are changing as well. One of the Company’s projects MMORPG Teknomagic ( replaced the old-fashioned main page with a new and fresh one. Obscure and gloomy warriors of ancient epochs were substituted by new heroes of Elinor, who are willing to stand against any danger and will definitely help our players to explore the comprehensive world of magic and technologies...


Sep 14, 2012 ARENA Online: 8 years together!
On the 15th of September, 2004 press center announced the launch of MMORPG ARENA Online, and today we celebrate with our players 8 years from the launch date. During these years ARENA has come a long way from a browser flash game with several locations to a large and colorful 3D world with a huge gaming community, own history, and an indescribable atmosphere. ARENA Online has become one of Russia's first 3D MMORPG, which attracted millions of players to the virtual world of war and magic.


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A new MMORPG PvP-based project facilitates development of large-scale conflicts on a global world map. Discrete role in PvP is assigned to the so called “Heroes” that lead the armies of the players to the battle.

Metal War Online is a new client session MMO-game in a Sci-Fi setting. The MWO world will tell you about the nearest future events in a way it is seen by the developers.

Gobbits Defence — is a stunning and engrossing free-to-play mobile game in 'City Defence' genre. Protect your city from invasion by building up defense towers, installing crafty traps and employing cunning tactics.


We shall be pleased to get your mail.
Please, mail your letters to:
GD-Team Limited Trident Chambers, PO Box 146, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands