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Jul 9, 2012 System administrator

Work experience: 1-3 years;

Salary is to be defined after the interview.


Administration of the company servers, organization of new projects’ architectural solutions, process optimization;

Work is carried out in cooperation with the production departments.


Absence of any internet connection problems at any time of the day;

Experience in working as a system administrator (not less than 3 years);

Experience in working with the majority of technologies which we are used in the company (or similar):

openvz / gentoo / debian

puppet / zabbix / rsync

nginx / haproxy

apache / php / mysql / memcached

iptables / ipset

In-depth knowledge of bash;

In-depth knowledge of one of languages listed (ruby, python, php etc);

Main communication tool used – Skype.


Work in Moscow office;

Work day begins before 12 p.m.;

Decent pay level (up to $3000 – based on the experience);

There is a possibility to vary the activities due to gaming company specifics.




A new MMORPG PvP-based project facilitates development of large-scale conflicts on a global world map. Discrete role in PvP is assigned to the so called “Heroes” that lead the armies of the players to the battle.

Metal War Online is a new client session MMO-game in a Sci-Fi setting. The MWO world will tell you about the nearest future events in a way it is seen by the developers.

Gobbits Defence — is a stunning and engrossing free-to-play mobile game in 'City Defence' genre. Protect your city from invasion by building up defense towers, installing crafty traps and employing cunning tactics.


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