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Jul 1, 2012 Diaries of developers: Strategic Music

Last time we discussed an art-part of our Rise of Heroes project – browser MMO-strategy in original Oriental steam-punk setting. The present material is not exactly a diary but a story of cooperation with a wonderful Strategy Music company. Inside this article you can find video report about creating the project atmosphere and we offer our readers to have a closer look at it.


Jun 26, 2012 Heroic soundtrack in iTunes Store

Russia, Moscow, June 26 2012 – GD-Team Ltd. Company announces about placement of an official soundtrack of the new “Rise of Heroes” browser project at the vast expanses of the iTunes Store.
Soundtrack includes 6 exclusive Oriental style tracks which reflect the project’s setting and determination.


Jun 20, 2012 Yielding and processing of game traffic

Let us begin with a brief prehistory. In 2005 GD-Team company issued the first Russian 3D MMORPG with free2play model — Arena Online. A bit later, in 2007, in order to optimize promotion of our games, we made our own engine for advertizing rotation. This was when our advertising network came into this world. It quickly had grown into the first RuNet (Russian Internet) banner network and aimed entirely at online games and game-related resources’ advertising. Today we would like to share our observations and experience with you. We hope that this material will be valuable for young teams; however, more experienced specialists are welcome to draw something handy as well.


Jun 18, 2012 War Online preview at

Background to the conflict spelled out in sufficient detail, although it is quite predictable. In the near future, Morgan Industries Corporation and the Global Resource Network are fighting for the mineral resources required to create an artificial blood ...! Of course, no corporation wants to give this tidbit on the other. What began as an invisible war, suddenly grew into a global conflict with the involvement of hired military organizations and other vultures of war, wishing to be welded on someone else's death. The role is just one of those vultures arrived to serve in one of the private military organizations, ministering above mentioned corporations and we will have to play. And, apparently, does not necessarily take the oath of allegiance to any one office.


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